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For activities, we have a plenty of things to do, to cater individual or group requirements, such as:

a. Camping
Camping site covers an area of 2 hectars which provide basic camping amenities such as toilets & BBQ grills

b. Nature Exploration
For nature lovers, State Park has many things to offer. Among others are "Interpretation Trail" which provide meaningful experience to visitors by getting them closer to birds, insects and forest plant species.

c. Night Walk

d. Jogging and recreational activities
Trail and pathways are provided for joggers and those who wants to discover a peaceful environment and a healthy life style. There are also courts to play volleyball to test each other's skills and sport spirits

e. Sight seeing
The recreational shelters, direction and sign boards are all over to ensure visitors having pleasure while walking and sightseeing through scenic rivers and waterfalls, the magnificient landscape of natural heritge

f. 4x4 WD Exploration

g. PVC rafting

bamboo rafting

h. Kayaking


i. Off Road Mountain Biking

mountain biking

j. River Crossing

river crossing

k. Tree Climbing and Waterfall Abseiling

l. Jungle Survivor

m. River Cruise

n. Fishing
The State Park becomes a heaven for anglers. Fish sanctuaries are protected to become a breeding ground for fish species like kelah, kalui, sebarau and kelisa

Untuk pengunjung tempatan, sila klik di sini untuk mengetahui senarai harga aktiviti dan penginapan


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